Batting Around: What was your favorite moment of the 2022 MLB season?

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During the off-season, CBS Sports MLB experts will bring you a weekly Batting Around Roundtable, breaking down the lot. The latest news, a historical question, thoughts about the future of baseball, all kinds of stuff. Last time we debated whether the Astros were a dynasty, This time we are 2022. going to consider mlb weather.

What was your favorite moment in the 2022 season?

Mike Axis: It’s very easy. it is saying clint constraint dodgers After a “poverty suffrage” Pirates Beat them two out of three in May.

The 111-win Dodgers went 1-5 this season against the 100-loss Pittsburgh team. Truly poverty suffrage.

RJ Anderson: Is it cheating to go along Albert Pujols, Yadier MolinaAnd Adam Wainwright Going off the field together for the last time? We’ve learned since then that Wainwright is returning for another season, but that makes little difference to how I view that moment. The fanbase usually gets to say goodbye on a case-by-case basis; Louis being able to give the three as a group, a final standing ovation was rare, and therefore memorable.

Matt Snyder: i think i’m going with Phillies Run for the World Series. That it came up short for a powerhouse team probably worked out well, so we didn’t get the whole offseason treatment of hand-to-hand combat about the new playoff format.

It was incredibly fun watching the city rally around a funny but flawed team. His home barrage and excellent pitching, for the most part, were great. Bryce Harper Was able to put some inappropriate shit about him later in the season by acting for a winner, which was pleasing. Speaking of, if I had to deduce one particular moment from the run, it would be Harper’s Game 3 home run in the first innings. It’s been a long time since I personally saw such a lightning rush and it sent them into an exasperation. It was hoarse. It was a thing of beauty.

Dan Perry: The main attraction of the season gerrit cole There was a four-minute delay on Opening Day due to annoyance about Billy Crystal’s formal first pitch. Their temper is quite good at the moment, but what takes it to the next level is to blame their first innings struggle on a four-minute delay. I like to imagine that Cole will now hold a lifelong grudge against Krystal. Anyway, the entire 2022 season apparently went downhill from there.

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