Chhavi Mittal shares the reason for not losing weight

Weight loss requires extreme consistency and discipline. However, despite many efforts, some people struggle shed desired kilos, Chhavi Mittal said, “Losing weight can be difficult for some people and I have seen it with many people.” This may be due to some precarious lifestyle habits that you are unknowingly (or intentionally) practicing.

image took to her YouTube channel to share some of the reasons that might affect you weight loss journey, “Factors like sleep patterns, stress, disruptive eating, exercise etc. are very important during weight loss. I hope this video will help you to accelerate your weight loss.” to keep track.

sleeping pattern

It’s the first culprit that hinders our weight loss journey, she said. “If we don’t sleep well, our body’s metabolism Growth will not happen, no matter how much attention you give to exercise and food. Your food will not be easily digested and the body will start accumulating thickChhavi explained.


Stress can wreak havoc on your weight loss journey. “When our stress level As our body rises, the level of cortisol – the fight-or-flight hormone – also rises. Our brain starts thinking that something is wrong with our body and goes into survival mode. It stops digesting the food and starts holding on to the fat. This leads to a drop in metabolism,” said Chhavi, adding that one must keep one’s stress levels under control. For better mental and physical health,

disruptive food

Eating obsessively means forgetting to eat or knowingly skipping meals, It also affects your metabolism, leading to a drop in BMR (body metabolic rate). “It is very important to have meals at regular intervals to keep your metabolism under control. Try to carry some healthy snacks along to not let your body go into a state of starvation.”

counting calories

According to the actor, many of us do a wrong thing without knowing it – counting calories, “if one Apple It has 50 calories and diet soda has 0, yet you should prefer an apple over the latter. Stop counting calories and start eating healthy,” she said.

Build Healthy Sleep Habits (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

To counter all this, Chhavi suggests incorporating the following into your daily routine.

recreational activities

watch tv or book studyOr spending time with friends – It’s important to spend some time with yourself and do a recreational activity.


exercise brings joy hormones Regulates stress levels in our body, boosts metabolism and keeps our physical health in check. “It’s important to get a little exercise every day,” she said.

good sleep habits

As discussed earlier, insufficient Sleep This can hinder your weight loss journey. In such a situation, it is important to create good sleep habits and make sleep a priority.


If possible, include meditation in your daily routine. “Even if you don’t know how to meditate, just close your mind and focus on breathing. Don’t think about work, kids or anything else. Sit with yourself for at least 5 minutes every day,” image suggested.

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