Hot, Hot, or Cold Water: What You Should (or Shouldn’t) Drink Before Bedtime

Your nightly routine — abstaining from digital devices caffeineJournaling and meditation – plays a vital role in determining your sleep quality, Like, many people are left wondering whether they should drink a glass of water before going to bed and if yes, should it be hot, hot or cold? While some people find that drinking water before bedtime helps them sleep better, it causes sleep problems in others. So, what do the experts suggest?

According to Abhinav Gupta, Consultant, Medical Gastroenterology, Narayan Multispecialty Hospital, Jaipur, “Drinking water before sleeping will help keep your body healthy. body temperature under control. According to research, people feel hot or cold while sleeping due to dehydration. You benefit from drinking water before bed because it keeps your body at its ideal temperature and keeps you hydrated while you sleep.”

This, according to the expert, makes it easier to maintain peaceful and comfortable sleep environment, According to a 2014 study published in National Library of MedicineLack of water can negatively affect mood, which can affect your entire sleep-wake cycle.

However, this does not mean that you consume excessive amounts. Water, And that too just before sleeping.

“While it is important to meet your recommended daily water intake, drinking water just before bed can be irritating. Avoid consuming any fluids before bedtime to avoid waking up in the night. Also, before bedtime By drinking water you can maintain your body Urine More than what you need when you sleep, which is bad for your health,” said dietitian Neha Pathania, dietician, Paras Hospital, Gurugram.

SleepIf he drinks water before bedtime he may have trouble sleeping (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

She explained that the number of times you have to use the restroom at night may increase if you drink water before sleeping. “You can sleep uninterruptedly for six to eight hours a night because your urine output is reduced. But, drinking water before bed can break this cycle and in turn affect heart health as well. “

Agreeing, Dr Gupta said that drinking water just before bed can disrupt your sleep cycle and harm your heart health. “To prevent dehydration and night-time hyper-hydration, you should consume enough water during the day. dark urine is a sign of dehydration, If you’re getting enough water, your urine should be pale yellow to clear.”

So, what should be the ideal difference between drinking water and sleeping? Two hours, experts say. “To avoid waking up at night, one should avoid consuming any fluids for at least two hours before bedtime,” he said.

In addition to recommending specific times of drinking water, experts also answered whether you should opt for hot water or cold water. “Hot water before bed will keep you up” hydrated overnight and can facilitate the body’s natural detoxification process. It can also help reduce abdominal pain or cramps. Hot water improves blood flow, makes it easier for your body to eliminate waste, and makes you sweat more,” said Dr Gupta, adding that sweating will result in the loss of some of the fluid overnight, which is the skin cells. Also helps to clean and flush. Flush out any excess salts or toxins.

Agreeing, Pathania said, “If you must drink water before sleeping, hot water It’s best because it will keep you hydrated throughout the night and can help with the body’s ability to eliminate harmful pollutants.”

However, kidney and heart diseaseHe said that the patient should drink water as per the doctor’s advice.

Benefits of drinking water before sleeping:

* Better temperature regulation
*Beautiful skin
* Improved immunological function
*Heart pressure is reduced
*to lose Weight

Disadvantages of drinking water before sleeping:

*sleep disturbance
*water pressure

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