Lunar eclipse tomorrow, know what is the science behind it; When does this event take place

The last lunar eclipse of the year is falling on November 8. In this way, this is the second eclipse in the country within 15 days. Earlier there was a solar eclipse on October 25. According to the scriptures, even though an eclipse is considered inauspicious, but in science, an eclipse is considered to be only an astronomical event. The lunar eclipse on Tuesday can be seen in India as well as in many countries of the world.

According to the information, the lunar eclipse will start at 02:39 pm. Whereas, in India it will start from 4:23 till 6:19. It can be seen overseas in the Americas, Asia, North-Eastern Europe, Australia and the Pacific Ocean. In India, the total lunar eclipse can be seen in Itanagar, Puri, Ranchi, Kohima and Kolkata. Whereas, in rest of India it will be partial.

what does science say

Science says that a lunar eclipse is just an astronomical event. In this lunar eclipse, the supermoon and red blood moon will be visible together. According to science, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. During this, the shadow of the Earth covers the light of the Moon. On the other hand, sunlight hits the Earth’s atmosphere and falls on the Moon. This makes the moon brighter. Meanwhile, as the Moon slowly approaches Earth, its color darkens. It looks dark red. Due to this color it is called Blood Moon.

Why doesn’t a lunar eclipse happen every full moon?

The special thing is that the lunar eclipse always takes place on the full moon date. The Hindu calendar says that every month has a full moon. However, an eclipse does not occur on every full moon. The Moon is tilted about 5 degrees to Earth’s orbit. This tilt prevents the Moon from passing through the Earth’s shadow.

Because of this, on most occasions the Moon passes above or below the Earth. Because of this, lunar eclipse does not occur on every full moon date. But, as soon as the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, there is a full moon on that day. The Sun, Earth and Moon all fall in a straight line. Because of this there is a lunar eclipse.

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