Myles Turner Is Having A Career Year, And If The Lakers Aren’t Careful

Myles Turner Is Having A Career Year, And If The Lakers Aren't Careful

Los Angeles Lakers have spent months resisting the allure of Indiana Pacers hub miles turner, His interest in every star has been leaked Kyrie Irving To Bradley Beal Since then, but despite a one-month standing offer from Indiana, he has signed with Land Turner and Buddy Heald, Every report in the interim has suggested that his priority is waiting for a star, but the irony here is that through about a month of basketball, Turner is actually playing like a star.

After years of sharing the center position in Indiana with Domantas Sabonis, Turner has done it all for himself. In his first seven seasons as a fast bowler, he never averaged more than 15 points per game. He’s up to a career-best 17.9 so far this season. His 8.7 rebounds per game also represents a career-high and exclusive Jaron Jackson Jr.who has only played one game, Turner’s 3.1 blocks per game are leading nba, On top of that, his true shooting percentage of 65.6 is also the best of his career. You could credibly argue that Turner is having his best scoring, defending and rebounding season all at once.

These are all characteristics that will be useful to the Lakers. They are the worst shooting team in the NBA, and only max christie And Matt Ryan Shooting better than Turner’s 37 percent from deep. They’re 26th in rebounding rate, suggesting a need for another big man, and after starting the season hot on defense, they’ve allowed 116.3 points per 100 possessions in their last eight games, which is . 28th in the NBA in that time span. , He may not have an All-Star selection under his belt, but Turner theoretically fits what the Lakers need. he knows it. He recently essentially introduced himself on “The Voz Pod” in Los Angeles.

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“If I were the Lakers, the position you’re in, I take a very close look at this, and I know I can provide a team with my leadership, my shot blocking, my 3-point ability and just my ability.” I can.” pretend there on the floor,” Turner said, “I’ll be watching it for a long time.”

Turner is well aware of how the business of basketball works. He is on an expired contract. The fast bowlers are rebuilding and they have a young player Isaiah Jackson Which is rapidly earning more minutes. In all likelihood, they are not going to be the team that gives him a long-term contract this off-season. The Lakers have been touted as a possible option for the past several months. But the longer Turner plays like this, the more likely someone will swoop in and snatch him. Rumors are already linking him with his rivals.

Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus reported Tuesday That clipperswho has played small for the most part this season after leaving as a free agent Isaiah Hartensteininterested in Turner. Net And pelican The two have also been rumored in the past to own the Turner household, and on paper, they seem like a perfect fit. In ben simmons And Zion Williamson, Both have unorthodox non-shooters at positions other than center, so Turner can solidify the defense behind those two while not providing spacing. This principle can apply to almost any team. Who wouldn’t want an elite defensive center who also makes the 3?

The Lakers, apparently, but they don’t have time to change their minds. This does not mean that the fast bowlers are rushing to strike a deal. They would certainly prefer to trade with the Lakers given the value of their draft picks. lebron james Will turn 38 in December. Trading for first-round picks in 2027 and 2029 means getting a selection when James is in his mid-40s and likely to retire. Other teams may be able to offer more picks, but those Lakers’ options have the best chance of any available selection to land at the top of the draft (except ironically, the Lakers’ picks are already owned by the Pelicans). . In an ideal world, Indiana would probably want to send Turner to the Lakers.

But they’re not going to wait forever. After all, Turner has a long history of injury, and the longer they hold on to it, the greater the risk of him being unable to tackle. If he continues to play well like this, then the offers from other teams keep on increasing. The Lakers have no means to raise their offer in a potential bidding war. He has two picks that can be legally traded. It’s just a matter of whether they offer them or not.

They haven’t yet. They probably never will. But if they don’t, Turner’s remarkable season shows that the pacers won’t have much trouble finding another dealer. If the Lakers don’t make a deal soon, they may lose their chance.

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