Nutrigenomics: Find out what it is, and how it affects your diet

Do you often wonder why a certain Diet Works wonders for your friend but doesn’t do anything for your body? or if the probability that you will succeed or fail is a ketogenic diet, Or, when it comes to losing weight, is exercise more effective than food substitutes? The answers to these questions may be in your genes.

According to Amol Nayakwadi, preventive health specialist and joint managing director of Indus Health Plus, genetic analysis of an individual contributes to the growing field of nutritional medicine that enables people to make more informed decisions about their personalized diet based on ‘nutrigenomics’. Provides plan. lifestyle habits and health,

What is Nutrigenomics?

Naikwadi has defined nutrigenomics as the study of which type? genes and diet (nutrients) interact. “Gene variants (genetic differences) predict how a person’s body will respond to certain Nutrients, For example, variants of the ‘FTO’ gene are directly related to your metabolismenergy expenditure, and energy balance, as well weight management, FTO gene variants determine how your body will metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins,” he says.

Experts say one can choose diet plan Which works well according to their genetics under the guidance of a dietitian.

“Nutrigenomic test results help us better make our daily dietary decisions,” he says, adding that your genetic variant may indicate that you are more likely to:

1. Development high blood pressure either cholesterol, Knowing this, you can prevent these situations from happening. For example, you can reduce your sodium and saturated fat intake.
2. Craving Sweets: make a game plan control your craving Avoid overeating. you might be able to stop it diabetes type 2 By following these results.
3. Panic When You Drink Caffeine: Now you know why you feel trembling after drinking caffeine, You may feel tempted to ignore it for good.
4. Lose Weight on High Protein Diet: Knowing how your body reacts to macronutrients such as proteinThe fats and carbohydrates will give you the confidence to follow a personalized diet plan.
5. Burn More Fat With Strength Training or Cardio: focus on the most efficient work out System for fast results.

How does Nutrigenomic testing work?

According to Naikwadi, the DNA test for Nutrigenomics is done by swabbing the inside of the mouth or your saliva, which is sent to a lab for analysis and you get the results a few weeks later. “There are 70 or more genes that can be analyzed at once,” he says.

nutrition science, what is nutrition science, diet and genes, dietary decisions personalized nutrition, healthy diet, healthy eating, genes, genetics, indian express newsGene variants (genetic differences) predict how a person’s body will respond to certain nutrients. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

The effect of nutrients on your diet

Experts say nutrigenomics allows you to determine which parts of your diet affect your health, and may reduce your risk of disease.

“An example is high blood pressure, It’s one thing to know if it runs in your family, but it’s another thing to see a strong genetic signal. Even if you have the variant, that doesn’t mean it’s unavoidable. With the help of a dietitian, you can develop an action plan for living a healthier life — such as reducing sodium.

Personalized nutrition — that is, dietary recommendations tailored to your genetics, preferences, and biases — may replace “one-size-fits-all advice” in the future, Nayakwadi says.

However, he cautions that genetic predispositions are “predictable, not guaranteed”.

Nutrigenomics can’t eliminate all trial-and-error, diet, supplements, and workout routine, But the advantage of Nutrigenomics is that it gives you a more targeted approach to determining what steps you can take to feel better,” he concludes.

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