PAK vs BAN emotional rollercoaster: Shakib Al Hasan lifts his hat in disgust, keeps watching Babar Azam on the big screen

Sweep shot from Rizwan.

He is one of the best sweepers in world cricket. Mohammad Rizwan can sweep fast bowlers as well, spinners don’t mind as Shakib Al Hasan will know. It’s not that Hasan didn’t know it in advance; He also threw out his left-handers, but the line didn’t really matter for Rizwan, who was on his knee to hit two consecutive boundaries. He takes the bottom-hand off the first one and sends the ball well to the right of deep square leg. On the next ball, he hit hard to the left of that fielder. 0 for 26, followed by a dropped catch, Pakistan looking good in 4 overs. The 1992 talks have been swirling in the air since morning.

unlucky taskin

Poor Taskeen Ahmed. Clearly one of the best fast bowlers of the tournament and Bangladesh’s best fast bowlers produced a peach of legcutter. Pace, bounce c, movement… it had it all.. Mohammad Rizwan also got the edge but keeper Hasan Nurul Sohan, who had worked so hard to control his emotions over the years – by his own admission he There was little one firecracker, being emotionally lit, could not contain himself.

“A big mistake, regulation hold” will make it very difficult for former Kiwi keeper Ian Smith Sohn to see the highlights package. He could have just taken a step to his right to take it, instead he would have whispered and got into trouble straight away. The ball turned out to rely on Taskin’s agony. Next ball, definitely a top edge six. Life …

Shanto or Arjuna?

It was a shot Arjuna Ranatunga would have been proud of. Shanto dismisses Shadab Khan. Shadab has been a thorn in the middle overs for the opponents and is the main reason for Pakistan coming under control at this stage. In his first over, Shanto took a couple of runs and then cut Ranatunga late. As the ball turned into the stumps, off and in the middle line, Shanto opened his mouth late and drove it to third man. The only difference is, Shanto ran up and down the track a couple of times. Like that Sri Lankan legend, Shanto Walk Chalo. Adam Gilchrist would soon say, “Pakistan’s body language looks so tense.”

Then Tamim Iqbal. Liton Das, now. a six to remember

There are some sixes that get tattooed in the mind forever. Bangladesh has given us one such epic moment: a Tamim Iqbal six. When he went down to the track thump Zaheer Khan At long-on in a World Cup game. Now comes the Liton Das moment. He too went down the pitch but it was a bouncer from Shaheen Shah Afridi. Liton, who won the match on his own against India, didn’t bat an eyelid. With his front foot, he thunders to midwicket for a six that will stay in mind.

Shakib does not want to walk; Umpire asked him to walk

Shakib Al Hasan went down the track, missed the flick, and hit the sole of his boot. He took another step to think about a single, decided against it, turned and came back to the safety of his crease when he saw Mohammad Rizwan celebrating his dismissal. The umpire dismissed him lbw. He immediately went for Drs. The distance of impact was within the permitted legal distance. But was the bat on the ball? The bat hit the ground just before the ball came over, but did the ball hit the ground near the bat? One of those elongated spikes that always become the subject of controversy. The third umpire was convinced to say that no bat is involved, please do the next frame. The next frame was definitely Dead-Duck LBW. Akhtar Ali Khan On Air Says, “I can’t believe it was the inside edge. The bat was off the ground when the spike happened. Unbelievable!”

Shakib refused to leave. He is asked to leave by the umpires. He took a few steps but then came back. Now the second umpire asked him to leave. And he withdrew. Shadab Khan once again delivered a sucker punch to an opponent in the middle overs.

Iftikhar Ahmed aka Chachu does the trick

Shanto charged just to collect a boundary. Never mind, Iftikhar has it covered. The next ball, the ball hit between the thumb and forefinger, he slid it out slowly. Like a dab of anesthesia, the ball was dismissed. Shanto ran for a big hit and was too quick for the ball which hit the stumps softly. Iftikhar used to walk with a fist. He doesn’t show much emotion? Affectionately called Chachu by fans, he is keeping his mouth shut in this tournament. The pre-tournament form during the Asia Cup and such critics were torn to his head but he has been the best batsman for Pakistan so far.

The bails are broken but where is the ball?

This time the third umpire, who was in such a hurry to dismiss Shakib Al Hasan, took his time. He observed that Mohammad Wasim Jr. had let the ball slip before breaking the stumps at the non-striker’s end. There was no question about Afif Hussain coming back on time. He was not. But Wasim Jr collected the throw but as he went towards the stumps, he could only understand thin air and lots of wood. The ball was out for a long time.

Babur is no Rizwan

Babur is not a Rizwan. In case of sweep shot. Babar goes down on his knee – with a big loop dip – when Nasum flicks one outside off-fab delivery. So far, so good. But to bring it from outside and swing it over the leg side will require Rizwanish skill; Just one wish will not work. As Babur came to know. Unexpectedly, the ball bounces for a simple catch and Nasum roars.

On the fifth ball, Nasum was pleading for a LBW shout against Mohammad Nawaz, who also went for the sweep. The umpire did not agree, and so they went for the DRS. However, the point of impact was out and Nawaz escaped.

Shakib Al Hasan hoists his hat in disgust

Shakib Al HasanShakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh bowls during the T20 World Cup cricket match between Pakistan and Bangladesh in Adelaide, Australia, Sunday, November 6, 2022. (AP Photo/James Ellsby)

Oh Pakistan… and Oh Shakib Al Hasan…. When Mohammad Rizwan went back to the hut with his captain in the 12th over, his fans panicked. Never a great off-side player, but usually really good with a square cut, Rizwan probably stuck in two minds with that well outside ball from Abadot. He went for an even cut, taking his lower arm off the handle, rolling the ball straight to the point. Few balls, more drama as Abadot appeals for an LBW decision against Nawaz and the ball rolls into the alley area.

Shakib cried, threw his cap on the ground and went to the umpire. This happened soon after the initial appeal was dismissed. There was a throw with the batsman well outside the crease but he missed and the ball would roll to the boundary for four overs. Shakib got angry for some reason and took it to the umpires. Perhaps, he was upset about the time limit for the review. The clock had ticked. Umpires will not consider DRS.

Shakib cried, threw his cap on the ground and went to the umpire. Replays show that the ball was struck outside the leg stump. Shakib Al Hasan is one of the more passionate captains of world cricket. In Bangladesh, he overthrew the stumps and threw away decisions he didn’t like. Well, he did it once, but these things stand. Once, from the team’s balcony, he did pelvic thrusts on his opponents. Shakib Al Hasan Emotions File is a huge file that never ends.

Shakib fell on the ground

In the 13th over, Mujtafizur Rahman brought a bouncer to Mohammad Haris. The ball hit the helmet and as it rose up, it hit the bat behind the stumps where Nurul Hasan made a brave effort by lunging backwards but could not read it. And Shakib fell to the ground in despair. It’s been that kind of day for him. He was dismissed lbw in controversial situations when most thought he had an inside edge but the third umpire was convinced that the bat was not there. He then fainted, refusing to go back, negotiating with the umpire. Then in the last few minutes, he has opened his heart even more.

Shakib-Cam, Please Broadcasters

The game turned again for the ninth time in the 14th over. Mohammad Haris first slams a full-length delivery to cover the boundary and then pulls a bouncer to deep square leg. Afif Hossain backed out but had stepped on the ropes before the ball could be thrown back. At the end of that over, Pakistan needed 39 runs from 26 balls. Unfortunately, there was no camera on Shakib Al Hasan. He had his sunglasses on at the beginning of the over. then removed. Took it again then removed. Under pressure, the itching was on. For all the criticism, Shakib has changed the bowling as well as the captaincy of the chase. He even saw himself in the powerplay very early to see if he could do anything but Rizwan hit him for two boundaries.

He then threw himself for the crucial 15th over. Three balls, three singles as Pakistan tried to bat carefully. Then Nawaz charged but could not go under Shakib’s delivery and stabbed him towards cover. He tried to steal the run but the throw was accurate and Pakistan lost a wicket. Shakib led the side as Pakistan were now 92 for 3.

Is Rameez Raja returning from Saeed Ajmal now?

When Mohammad Haris, who changed the game with his bat, was selected for the T20 World Cup squad, he had not played a single T20I. Of course, the barbed tongue was out. Former spinner Saeed Ajmal would say so.

“Mohammed Haris has been chosen because he is Ramiz Raja’s choice, he is his favourite. Rameez Raja likes him, so he kept him,” Ajmal said on his official YouTube channel. You could have kept him in reserve.”

Fakhar Zaman’s injury cost Haris a game against South Africa where he played a fiery cameo to turn the tide. Here again under pressure, with the openers getting out and Mohammad Nawaz failing as well, he stood up for the count.

Shakib spreads his emotions across Adelaide as Pakistan beat Bangladesh to reach semi-finals

PAK vs BAN emotional rollercoaster: Shakib Al Hasan lifts his hat in disgust, keeps watching Babar Azam on the big screenPakistani players celebrate after the T20 World Cup cricket match against Bangladesh in Adelaide, Australia, Sunday, November 6, 2022. (AP/PTI)(AP11_06_2022_000065B)

With three runs needed, Babar Azam kept looking towards the big screen. He would be looking at himself. And when Iftikhar left with only two needs, Babur looked after him with a slightly worried face. Not a real concern, as there were a lot of deliveries left, but there was probably a serious problem. How has it been for Babur?

In between, Shakib will do one final team huddle. He led the target well but after a good start there was a lot left in the batting. At least 150 were needed to handle the match situation. And when Shaan scored the winning run, Rizwan hugged Babar to a big bear. Shakib used to go out wiping his face with his arms. Babur would go to his companions and hug them all. That 1992 feeling again.

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