Primary Symptoms of Dengue How you can protect yourself and your family Make your child aware

Must know facts about dengue: He was seen after one o’clock In the case of some media, Dr.

In this way, it is necessary that all of us get the remedy to get sick from this disease, and it is necessary from life. ️ KIDS .


  • Fever Aid from today. The same is true in the language of calling it this way in modern times. Displays the Internet in the language of the Internet.
  • Mosquitoes of Mosquitoes are always suitable for washing. For example, in pots, coulters, plots or pots in particular. Thus to be cautious.
  • New Delhi: At present, spacecraft use repellants while walking in space. For example, like, like, like, we have a reaction.
  • Homeowners will never be successful. What does it take to make your future successful? To be open until this time to come. The Guggut Tit Havan Cup did so as well, creating a ruckus with fanfare.



  • High fever in 2 to 7 days if internalized.
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second type of hemorrhagic dew fever

  • This is what needs to be done to isolate this color.
  • One-mouth may be an ensuing problem.
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  • body pain
  • particularly hurtful ads
  • feed more
  • problem in problem
  • There are reactions with the opposite.
  • After examining the fever, it will get worse. Well, it’s a matter of having medical solutions. You have looked at the controller and the problem is related too.

It’s a Die Die Match (DSS).

  • Will be sure, will be certain or will be certain.
  • severe abdominal pain
  • is fast in pulse
  • To improve the temperature.

How to do?

  • The most accurate way to prevent dengue is to not allow its mosquitoes to breed. And
  • , so that
  • Suitable for treating insect ray germs and germs regularly from season to season. Take care of meditation as well.
  • From time to time pollution you can also make round balls in the water.
  • In order for you to contact us, you don’t need to call.
  • It is useful for our device.

Disclaimer: This article contains method, which is necessarily useful in news, as a suggestion. Follow any type of treatment/medicine/diet and suggestion, choose from doctor or related subject experts.

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