Stephen Curry carries the Warriors again, makes 40 in the comeback

San Francisco — Golden State Warriors Coach Steve Kerr doesn’t have words to describe the game Stephen Curry to start the season. Earlier this week, he said the curry was “breathtaking.” After Friday night’s 106-101 win Cleveland CavaliersKerr used “fantastic”.

Curry scored 40 points against the Cavs, including 18 in the fourth quarter, the sixth time he has scored at least 10 points in the fourth this season. Curry shot 15-in-23 from the field, including 6-of-11 at 3-pointers.

“I would classify it as being offensive,” Curry said on his many late-game acquisitions. “Obviously, shots have to fall, but it’s about coming out of the pick-and-roll to attack offensively, get other guys involved, paint and finish, shooting. So much from our playoff run last year. More confidence came in.. It’s figuring out the balance of playmaking and scoring.”

Curry has now scored at least 30 points in nine of his 11 matches. At 34, he is also the oldest player since Michael Jordan in 2002 with 40 consecutive games points.

“She’s just amazing night after night,” Kerr said. “Given the conditions with our team, trying to get out of a hole, he’s just been brilliant. He’s never been better, that’s all I can say.”

forward to the warriors Drummond GreenWhat has stood apart most through Curry’s scorching start is what he’s been reading.

Green pointed to a play down the stretch on Friday night where Curry told Cleveland coach JB Bickerstaff to keep his big guys in the paint. Curry came to the Warriors bench and asked his teammates to face each other so that he could pull the ball closer to the half-court.

subsequent play resulted in kevon looney turn on screen Jarrett AllenFreezing Curry for 3-pointer.

“He’s setting up all this stuff,” Green said. “We have seen [Curry do this] over the years, but I think how he’s doing it and how he’s putting people in the places he wants them, that’s what I’m impressed with. The growth there is absolutely amazing.

“Noticing all those things and really getting to the exact shot you want to get and then making it is a completely different thing … to actually set it up and then deliver is very impressive.”

The Warriors (5-7) have relied on Curry to deliver moments and performances like these throughout the season. He is undoubtedly carrying a heavy load to help his team achieve any kind of success so far this year.

But as it stands, warriors aren’t concerned about curry’s stamina or workload.

“At the end of the day, Steph is going to carry most of the load aggressively. He is who he is and what he does,” Green said. “No need to panic or get tired now. But I think people are starting to find their own rhythm and it will all come together. It’s a process.”

Curry got help from Friday night Andrew Wigginswhich ended with 20 points; Jordan Poole, who scored 18 points after struggling for the start of the year; and double player Anthony Lambwho added 10.

Kerr says that Curry’s fitness and strength are the areas where he has seen the most growth during his nine years at the Golden State.

Curry doesn’t feel it’s the best to start a season, but he said it’s more about maintaining his rhythm at the end of last season and taking it this far.

Curry said, “Considering our struggles and how we’re trying to get over the hump as a team, it’s nice to know that you can work your way up to big games like this to give us some solid speed.” “We’ll see how long it lasts.”

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