T20 World Cup 2022 Zimbabwe team’s technical director warned Team India by giving 5 points from Zimbabwe

T20 World Cup 2022: Team T20 World (T20 World Cup 2022) in Super-12 of the Cup, unlike their latest updated latest Indian Ambawe, Ko Khel Khel. The team modified positively. Zimbabwe stunned Hecker with 1st road to the world. According to a news in News-18, the former Indian coach and the technical team of Zimbabwe team warned the new team that the Test would be dangerous in future.

1 disease has power

Hai Zimbabwe recently updated so 130 police stations were tagged. Weather-wise, weather-wise, weather-wise Mumbai, in which-weather… Angarten Angarva are also well prepared. People like Siscriber Raza, Zainis Ryan Barl in the Antiline team.

2 near Zimbabwe


Nothing is safe in the World Cup so far. Zimbabwe will play a fearless game against the Indian team. Being fearless of the team can become the biggest problem for Team India.

3 India’s like this

Match of Indian team in T20 World Cup. The Indian team has been strengthened in such tremendous improvement. twee, zimbabwe g

4 District Ambwe is the most dangerous

is is is. Raza near the team somehow. However, even in this type of situation, in a similar situation, as it keeps ringing. In today’s team.

5 This time Zimbabwe is dangerous

This time the team is being equipped in every way with the powerful controller built in the past. The information in the report is the team’s advisor in the weather, young players like Mahever, Milan Shumba, Ray Burl, Richard Angarwa, Vaibhav, who are the players of the team.


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