Top 3 Ways To Detox, Lose Weight Gained During The Festive Season

During festivals, it becomes hard to resist sweets, munchies and other delicious temptations. It is because of this very (unhealthy) habit that many of us end the festive season with a few extra kilos, which we try to lose as quickly as possible. But do experts recommend doing so? “Indian sweets, sweets, hearty curries and deep fried dishes are eaten without blame during festivals. While our soul and soul are having a wonderful time, WeightAnd general health suffers,” said Dr Siddhant Bhargava, fitness and nutrition scientist and co-founder – Food Darzine.

He added that using a fad diet or extreme measures to follow this habit may not help you lose weight and may actually have a negative impact on your health. “Excessive dieting can lead to health problems such as” Anaemiamalnutrition, and weakness as well as loss of muscle and fat,” he explained.,

Stating that “detoxing, effectively, should be accomplished by performing smaller, healthier and more effective tasks,” the expert listed three ways to deal with the weight gained during festivals.

avoid sugar

The right way to lose weight should start with cutting down on sugar, which has significant obesogenic (causes obesity) behavior. “Eliminating Sugar Helps to Control and Even Gain Weight” blood sugar level, It takes a few days to abstain from sugar, but the body eventually adjusts,” he said. The expert suggested opting for natural sugars like fruits and vegetables which also contain fiber.

avoid processed foods

Top 3 Ways To Detox, Lose Weight Gained During The Festive SeasonRefrain from eating processed food and foods that are high in oils to detoxify after the festivities. (Representative image/source: Pixabay)

One should also avoid eating processed food and foods that are high in oils to detoxify after the festivities. “This will lead to a steady buildup of fat cells and increase water retention thereby improving overall health,” he explained. Similarly consumption of green leafy vegetables, which include vegetables Greens such as kale, spinach, and collards aid in healthy weight loss, as they are rich in nutrients such as magnesium and iron. They also transport oxygen throughout the body.

Legumes are also a good source of protein, fiber and complex Carbohydrate, Beans protein helps in muscle development. “Your caloric expenditure goes up when your muscles are high, even when you’re resting, and that’s why it’s important,” the expert reveals.

stay hydrated

Lastly, staying hydrated by drinking enough Water And consuming probiotics like yogurt to keep the gut healthy can help detox the body effectively and aid in weight loss.

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